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On this corner you’ll find everything I’ve published on English. It’s not much because I don’t feel as comfortable as writing on Spanish. But, if you want more content on this language, let me know on the poll what are you more interest to read about.

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Once Upon a Time… Cells at work!

I still remember Once Upon a Time as a childhood cartoon I used to like. I don’t remember learning anything from it but the picture of the red blood cells carring oxygen bubbles in their back is still in my mind. This year Japan released an anime (Japanese cartoon) called Cells at Work!, a story…

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Dream big and code it

During all my years as a teacher I have have the opportunity to work with a lot of child using code to learn and I really love it. When coding, I get the chance to see how child express themselves trought games, animations… and how they adquire and share habilities of all kind, values and…

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My Minecraft adventure

I’ve never seen myself as a gamer. I prefer read a good book or see a movie rather than play with a console. At least this was the case until five years ago. At that time I started playing Minecraft and I couldn’t stop. What I like most about the videogame is that is super…

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