Once Upon a Time… Cells at work!

I still remember Once Upon a Time as a childhood cartoon I used to like. I don’t remember learning anything from it but the picture of the red blood cells carring oxygen bubbles in their back is still in my mind.


This year Japan released an anime (Japanese cartoon) called Cells at Work!, a story like Once Upon a Time with a different point of view. Cells at Work! focuses on show us how the cells interact among them while fighting viruses and bacteria. You can find a lot more action in this serie than in OUaT along with a characteristic personality for each one of the character in the anime. Everyone will try their best accomplishing their mission inside the human body, but we can let the viruses win the battle.

I don’t want to get into too many details. If you like cartoons and want to learn a bit about our body, I recommend you to watch this anime. It success in Japan has been so much that it has been broadcast twice on TV!

Sorry for the mistakes
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