My Minecraft adventure

I’ve never seen myself as a gamer. I prefer read a good book or see a movie rather than play with a console. At least this was the case until five years ago. At that time I started playing Minecraft and I couldn’t stop.

What I like most about the videogame is that is super easy to learn how to play and still have some secret to unlock while playing. On Minecraft I found a new language to express myself, shape my ideas and share them.

When Microsoft launched the educational version I realised that I can use Minecraft with my students to create new learning experiences. This is the reason why I started creating lessons in Minecraft and share everything I learn about the game with the educator community. Now I feel proud to be a reference for other teachers who use Minecraft in their classroom.

If you want to learn how educators around the world are using Minecraft, where to start or share your experiences, join us on Sept 19th at the TweetMeet.

#MSFTEduChat #MicrosoftEDU #MinecraftEdu #TweetMeet


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