TweetMeet 2019

Ahora que el año llega a su fin es momento de echar la vista atrás… Para mí este curso acaba de empezar en septiembre, cuando por fin he vuelto al aula por todo lo alto. Antes de ese día han sido muchas las experiencias que he vivido y de las que he aprendido.

Este año he viajado por toda Europa y España visitando eventos educativos, en los que he tenido la oportunidad de conocer a personas que este año, sin lugar a dudas, puedo decir que forman parte de mi vida y mi viaje de aprendizaje.

Este año mi mochila se ha llenado de personas, mentores, amigos, compañeros de viaje… con los que intercambiar experiencias y recursos ¿qué te llevas tú en la tuya este año?

TweetMeet Friend Cards

This year I feel extremely fortunate to have met amazing people that I can learn from:

TweetMeet Team: This three people are the reason I kept going during my last months before starting at the school. They made me feel proud of myself and my work and encourage me to learn new things. With them you need to be ready to learn because they are always on the wave of edtech.

María Comin: She is one of these person you meet by chance and then you discover your history together have started years ago.

Spain MIEExperts: Being able to speak truly about a classroom with them is an incredible opportunity I’ll take everytime I got the chance.

You never know where or when your path is going to meet someone outstanding but I can assure you that Twitter is the perfect tool to increase the chances of finding people of your interest. So my advice for the New Year is:

Don’t miss the opportunities to participate in chats and reflections online because in there you are going to find so many voices, projects, ideas, activities… for sure you’ll find your place.

Be a listener, be a speaker
Be a student, be a teacher

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